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Vibeonix 2.0

Join our Vibeonix Affiliate Program to help promote our app and platform! Earn up to 30% commission through our monthly subscriptions starting at $49-$300 or our annual subscription from $300 – $6000 by referring people to our platform. With Vibeonix, help users reach their goals with emotional intelligence resources and tools. We’re excited to have you along for the journey!

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

Become an affiliate for Vibeonix to make monthly recurring money and gain valuable emotional intelligence skills to improve people’s lives. At Vibeonix, we are passionate about emotional intelligence, and are excited to be launching the greatest version of our app yet! We have created over 90 videos teaching about emotion, self-awareness, self-management, expression, and empathy, and now we are introducing “Gabi”, our Ai emotional intelligence guide. Gabi provides in-the-moment recommendations based on the results of our emotional intelligence voice Ai 15-second voice assessment.

People with higher emotional intelligence generally have better mental & physical health, better relationships, higher self-confidence & a more positive outlook.

Promote Vibeonix and help people master emotional intelligence, impacting their lives for the better. Provide tools for mental health and well-being while earning a steady monthly income.

Qualified Affiliates

If you have the savvy, the know-how, and a passion for helping others achieve success, apply to become a Vibeonix affiliate today! You’ll have the opportunity to earn rewards while helping others by promoting our revolutionary program. Come join us and help build a bright future together!

  • Must be legally eligible to participate as an affiliate in the state/country you are based in

  • Must possess a valid website or blog with an active social media presence

  • Must have a firm understanding of the online marketing landscape and be capable of developing and executing effective affiliate marketing campaigns

  • Must have a valid email address and ability to be contacted via email

  • Must be willing and able to actively promote our affiliate program and its services

  • Must have strong communication and customer service skills

  • Must be able to maintain a high degree of professionalism when representing the brand and program

  • Must agree to the terms and conditions of the Vibeonix Affiliates Program when filling out your information.

Get Started Today!

We look forward to having you as part of the Vibeonix family! If you think you have what it takes and meet the requirements above, we’d love to welcome you as an affiliate of the Vibeonix program. Join us today and unlock the potential of the amazing rewards Vibeonix offers!


1. Sign up by clicking the button below.
Make sure to complete all required information on the affiliate form. 

2. Read through the affiliate agreement before hitting submit. 

3. Check your email.
We have sent an email with important getting started and welcome information, including your affiliate login details.

4. Check back often.
Make sure to check often for new affiliate materials and updates.

Vibeonix Affiliate Compensation Program

Tier 1: Commission rate: 10% 

Qualifications: Generate at least $500 in gross sales within a month 

Tier 2a: Commission rate: 12% 

Qualifications: Generate at least $2,500 in sales within a month 

Tier 2b: Commission rate: 15% 

Qualifications: Generate at least $5,000 in sales within a month 

Tier 3: Commission rate: 20%
Qualifications: Generate at least $10,000 in sales within a month 

Bonuses: Affiliates who refer more than $20,000 in sales in a calendar month will receive a 25% commission on all sales for that month. 

Referral Bonuses: Affiliates will receive an additional $50 bonus for each new affiliate they refer to Vibeonix. 

Payment Terms: Commissions will be paid at the end of each month based on the total sales value for the prior month. 

Minimum Payouts: Affiliates must generate a minimum of $50 in commission before any payments are made. 

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